Objetivo estratégico: alcanzar la excelencia en todas las actividades, para conseguir el liderazgo.


Our Responsibility

Our challenge is to satisfy the increasing needs of infrastructures under the principle of sustainability

At Grupo Bárcenas we believe that a positive result for the group is also positive for the social environment in which it is developed and in particular for our clients and employees. Grupo Bárcenas manages its installations, produces its designs and commercializes its services with this principle in mind.

One of our commitments is to promote personal development, the wellbeing of the community and respect for the environment based on an ethical and social culture.

These commitments are incorporated and consolidated in our Corporate Responsibility Principles and applied by means of a Quality, Safety and Environment Management System supported by our International Certification Standards.

Grupo Bárcenas believes in innovation as a fundamental pillar for global growth, on the basis of specific concepts, such as sustainability, protection and respect.

Corporate Responsibility is at the heart of our company’s principles as part of our day-to-day working philosophy, regardless of the size or cost of the work or the services provided.