Objetivo estratégico: alcanzar la excelencia en todas las actividades, para conseguir el liderazgo.
New ways to understand energy

Renewable Energies

Promotion, management, legal formalities, projects, feasibility studies, construction and operation

In line with the awareness of the responsibility that all companies must assume with the society for which they work, in recent years Grupo Bárcenas did not hesitate to face the challenge posed by the renewable energies, a field that allows us to develop knowledge and capacities while taking care of the environment.

The group has the knowledge, the technology and the means necessary to promote, engineer, construct, operate and maintain plants producing photovoltaic electrical power, thermal solar power and wind power.

Main activities:

  • Promotion and management of land, licenses and permits
  • Projects, feasibility studies and financial studies on photovoltaic solar plants
  • Engineering, supply, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants